Deckers are the hackers, programmers and tech whizz’s of the Shadowrun universe, they come in 2 varieties, Deckers and Otaku.

Deckers: Deckers utilise a piece of equipment called a cyberdeck, hench the term deckers. These decks are loaded with programs to assist its user within the computer realm of the Matrix. Deckers ‘jack in’ to the Matrix and then are able to move around this virtual world accessing the various Hosts and data files located within the Matrix. Unfortunately for Deckers the Matrix is not 100% safe for unauthorised users such as themselves, Hosts within the Matrix maintain programs themselves known as Intrusion Countermeasures (IC) or ‘ice’ these constructs will attempt to locate, disbale or kill deckers they find within their hosts.

Otaku: Otaku are waifs and strays, who have scraped and existence together on the mean slum streets. They are eventually found by a local Otaku Tribe and begin their education in the Matrix. They begin training with Cyberdecks but as they progress and gain in skill and ability they are introduced to an entity within the Matrix called the Deep Resonance, this encounter changes the individual forever, altering their Neural pathways to allow them to access the Matrix without a cyberdeck and interact with it using the power of their mind and personality alone.



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