Logan Risk

An bitter Ex-cop turned Shadowrunner with vengance on his mind


Notes: Natural Low Light Vision
Body: 8
Quickness: 5
Strength: 5
Charisma: 5
Intelligence: 5
Willpower: 5
Essence: 6
Reaction: 5

Initiative: 5+1d6

Karma Pool: 1
Good Karma: 0
Combat Pool: 7

Active Skills:
Pistols (Ruger Thunderbolt) 5(7)
Brawling: 5
Ettiquette: 5
Intimidate: 5
Interrogate (Verbal): 5 (7)
Negotiate: 5
Biotech: 4
Car: 4
Athlectics: 5
Stealth: 6
Computer: 4
Demolitions: 5

Knowledge Skills:
Medicine: 5
Forensics: 5
Security Procedures: 5
Corporate Politics: 5
Police Procedures: 5
Italian (R+W): 3 (1)
English (R+W): 4 (2)

Edges: Flaws:
Good Reputation (2) Vindictive (-2)

Ruger Thunderbolt: Type – Hvy Pistol, Conceal – 4, Mode – BF, Ammo – 12c, Short (4): 0-5, Medium (5): 6-20, Long (6): 21-40, Extreme (9): 41-60, Damage – 12S, Modifiers: First burst no RC modifer, second burst +4 modifier, Laser Sight: -1 TN, 50 Normal Heavy Pistol Rounds.

Unamarmed: Type – Melee, Reach – 0, Damage – StrM Stun (5M Stun)

Fine Clothin x2, Normal Clothing x5, Goggles w/ 20x Magnification, Lowlight and Thermograpgic vision, Rating 4 Dataline Tap, Rating 3 Laser Microphone, Rating 3 Micro-Recorder, Micro-Camcorder, Rating 2 Bug Scanner, Rating 6 Dataline Scanner, Containment Manacles x2.

Contacts and Other Info:
Low Lifestyle – 12 Months Paid
Level 2 Contacts: Lone Star Officer (Ex Partner), Decker, Corporate Lawyer
Level 1 Contacts: Fixer, Mafia Soldier

Vehilces: Ford Americar, Handling: 4/8, Speed: 105, Acceleration: 8, Body/Armour: 3/0, Signature: 2, Autonav/Pilot: 2/-, Sensor: 1, Cargo/Load: 10/110

Remaining Money: 1545Y


Logan was a hard working Lone Star cop, he led a good life, as good as anyone can manage in this day and age, but this unfortunately all cam crashing down. Following the murder of his wife by a derranged killer, Logan threw himself further into his work, seeking to bring the perpatrator to justice. The killer was captured and put on trial, but due to some high level corporate affiliation he got off ‘scott’ free.
Enraged by this blatent display of coruption and injustice Logan left Lone Star, to persue the killer himself and see that justice was done. With his every day bent toward getting closer to finding his wife’s killer and only the ingrained image of the killer’s sneering face on his mind, Logan uses the Shadows to fund his work and bring him closer to finding out where the killer is hiding.
Logan carries with him a solid sense that justice must be done, this carries over to the work he now does in the shadows. Happy to work against the Corps and always willing to help the oppressed and down-trodden helps for futher boost his Good Reputation. Unbeknown to most Logan now harbours a tenatious, bordering on obsesive, darker side, in which any slight against him cannot and will not be forgotten.
Admiting failure is not an option for Logan, this has lead to some unfotunate incidents, one such included the hospitalisation on someone whom he was interrogating on the belief that they held information on the whereabouts of his Wife’s killer. The captive unfortunatley did not know anything, leaving Logan fealing conflicted, thinking that if they had known then his actions would have bee justified.

Logan Risk

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