Magic Users


Magic Users come in 3 categories: Mages, Shamans and Adepts.

Mage: Although still needing the magical ability the mage approaches magic and his progression through it like any other subject, it is something that can be ‘learned’. They utilise text, maintain librarys of books of various topics of magical lore. Making use of rituals to summon spitits from the elemental planes, who can then be placed on standby for when needed later, makes a Mage a potential support battery.

Shaman: The Shaman views magic as a journey, upon which they are able to discover more about themselves and further unlock their power. The Shaman worships a totem, this is a spiritual bond through which the Shaman is able to gain benefits to certain spells as long as he is faithful to his Totem. Like the Mage the Shaman summons spirits, but not of the elements, of nature instead and using much less complex rituals allows for summoning on the fly.

Adept: The adept uses his magic internally, to improve himself and his own abilities. Some place focus on martial skills, aiming to improve their abilities with unarmed, melee or ranged weapons, others prefer to enhance themselves by improving their stealth or athletics, making themselves move faster, jump farther, hit harder or even ignore pain.


Magic Users

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