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OK, so you may not fancy playing a decker, magic user or rigger. No problem, what do you see yourself as, Shadowrun allows you to play someone from any walk of life, that for whatever reason has turned to the shadows for work. Examples of stereo types that you might want to expand on are:

Street Samurai: These individuals hold onto the ancient ways of Bushido (the code of the Samurai), either through their Japanese origins or as something to guide them through their lives. They implant themselves with cyberware to enhance their physical skills and make use of whatever weapons they prefer to get the job done.

Ex Military: Many ex-military personel turn to the Shadows. Making use of their training and weapon skills they provide the firepower for a run. Usually they will have cyberware installed to make them more durable and to further enhance their skills, abilities or attributes.

Spy: Almost all shadowruns require an element of stealth, many employers would rather the mission was completed with the minimum of ‘noise’ so their target would not know that something is happening until it is all over with and you are safe away.

The Face: Running the shadows is hard work to go it alone. Many characters will have a few contacts which they use to get information or equipment etc, The Face excels at this being a social chameleon, able to utilise their their social skills and vast array of contacts to track down information/dirt/equipment.


Other Characters

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