TBC - Sarah

Anti-Government special agent


Race: Elf
Body: 6
Quickness: 8
Strength: 4
Charisma: 6
Intelligence: 6
Willpower: 5
Essence: 3.08
Reaction: 7

Initiative: 7+1D6

Karma Pool: 1
Good Karma: 0
Combat Pool: 9

Active Skills:
Submachine Guns: 6
Carromeleg: 6
Athlectics: 5
Stealth: 5
Ettiquette: 5
Negotiation: 5
Computer: 4
Electronice: 6
Bike: 3

Knowledge Skills:
Ball Room Dancing: 5
Fine Wines: 1
Mafia Controlled Establishments: 6
Security Procedures: 6
Elven Society: 6
Government Politics: 6
Spetheriel (R+W): 4(2)
English (R+W): 5(2)

Friends in High Places (2)
Hunted (-2)

Datajack – Betaware, 300 MP Headware Memory – Alphaware, Cyber-ears: Hearing Amplification, Recorder, Level 3 Select Sound Filter, Cyber-eyes: Display and Image Link, Flare Compensation, Low light and Thermographic Vision, Opticam, Protective Covers, Retinal Clock, Retinal Duplication Rating 3, Optical Magnification Rating 2, Smartlink – Betaware.

SCK Model 100: Type – SMG, Conceal – 4, Mode – SA/BF, Ammo – 30c, Short (4): 0-10, Medium (5): 11-40, Long (6): 41-80, Extreme (9): 81-150, Damage – 7M, Modifiers: Smartlink: -2 TN. Sound Supressor: -2 TN to hear shooting. 90 Normal SMG Rounds

Unarmed (Carromeleg): Type – Melee, Reach – 0, Damage StrM Stun (4M Stun), Modifiers: Maneauvers: Evasion, Disorient, Focus Will

Form Fitting Body Armour (4/1), Heratige Line Tres Chic Dress (Armour Value 4/2), Normal Clothing x5, Rating 4 Data Codebreaker, Rating 3 Jammer, Rating 4 Voice Mask, Rating 3 Maglock Pass Key, Rating 3 Sequencer.

Contacts and Other Information:
Gold Doc Wagon Contract – 1 year Paid
Middle Lifestyle – 4 Months paid
Level 1 Contacts: Government Agent, Arms Dealer

Vehicles: Yamaha Rapier
Handling: 3/6
Speed: 195
Acceleration: 10
Body/Armour: 2/0
Signature: 2
Autonav/Pilot: 1/-
Sensor: 0
Cargo/Load: 1/40
Notes: Datajacked: +1 Reaction for Vehicle tests and Combat.



Growing up with parents in the CIA was never going to be easy, especially when your Dad dies and your Mother throws herself further into her work and hands over your raising to Nannies, Home Schooling tutors etc. Although the time spent with her parents allowed for some useful and interesting skills to be learnt, but ultimately this hands off approach to parenting was never going to work.
Running away from her home and remaining family she has taken to the Shadows to put into use the skills she has learnt throug her up bringing and from shadowing her parents. Her outlook on the world though is not what many would consider healthy, with an Anti-Authoritarian/Establishmentarianism streak a mile wide and a twisted sense that the end always justofies the means, she can be very dangerous, coupled with her quite flagrant disregard for her own safety and of those around her.
She longs to bring about through her actions an ‘New Era’ in which she can be free, and have more control over her life, as her feelings toward the Government are that she can do a better job. Clinging to the fact that she feels she has raised herself more than anyone else has, there is a deep rooted fear that she could become like her parents if she ‘towed the line’ and conformed. Fueled by an anger of conforming for so long, this is not likely to happen any time soon.
Her Mother is upset that she has run and dissapearded, but continues to search for her when any lead arises, putting to use her considerable available resources.

TBC - Sarah

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