21st Century Ronin

Welcome to 21st Century Ronin

The year is 2059. The world has changed, some say Awakened.

A long lull in the mystical energies of the universe has subsided and magic has returned to the world. Elves, Dwarfs, Orks and Trolls have assumed their true forms, throwing off their human guises. Creatures of he wild have changed as well, transforming into beasts of myth and legend. The many traditions of Magic have come back to life, and Shamans and Mages have carved out a place in the New World for themselves and their powers. Many aspects of the awakening remain mysteries, but modern society fights on to assimilate the ways of magic into a technological world.

Former central governments have fractured and reformed into smaller nations and city-states. Mega-Corporations have filled the void as the new global Super-Powers. They play a deadly game, paying pawns within the shadows, trying to gain the upper hand on their rivals. This is your place, as a Shadowrunner you are the deniable assets used by the Mega-Corps to conduct their clandestine actions against each other across the globe.

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